Hard day pls help

I keep crying into things nan made :heart::heart:

I’m not sure anything I can say will help how you feel.
The only advise I can give is , your not on your own.
Losing someone you love dearly is devastating.
I try to focus on other things , anything.
Then I feel I should be thinking about my Dad .
I didn’t think about him for a whole day last week and was so upset when I realised.
I talk to him , that helps .
Because I knew him so well I no the answers he would make .
So can have kind of conversation with him.
After 10 months it’s no easier , I just find ways to deal with it.
You will find your own ways too.
Everyone is different and deal with lose in their own special way.

Thanks just finding it so hard

Do you feel like you could tell us a bit about Nan ?

I’m the same. I cry a lot not just cry but sob I miss my wife so much. I think it’s good to cry I still have her clothes books slippers everything she owned around me. I am grieving as are you, so don’t think your alone day by day hour by hour. I have my wife’s funeral on Tuesday and I don’t think I will hold it together but I’m going to try for her xxx

Funerals can be a cathartic experience, I have found. The build up, then the service itself, can be very tough, but then immediately afterwards there is often a sense of relief.

People thought that I was putting too much pressure on myself for my dear wife’s funeral. I was one of the coffin bearers, and I also gave the eulogy. There was worry that I would break down.
However, I was determined to do these things, and to do honour to her in the best way I could.
As it was, there were sixbearers; her husband, son, two grandsons, son-in-law and grandson-in-law. There was a wonderful sense of pride and satisfaction for all of us.
My eulogy lasted a little over 20 minutes. The Minister has asked me to limit it to ten. She also asked for a written copy so that she could step in if I lost control.
It was such a privilege, and I will be glad to the day that I die that I did it. Almost no quavering voice, and at the end the congregation packed into our village church gave a round of applause.
Duty done, gladly, thankfully, proudly.