Hard to face NYE

I was invited to a lovely evening for NYE, but I have said no, I cannot go, it would be full of people enjoying NY, but I would be sad and also can’t find the conversation. I will just stay close to home and have quite NYE. I wonder if anyone else has felt the same, it’s only been 3 months since I lost her, it still feel raw.

It’s still very raw for you. I lost my in May and i have decided to stay at home I will not be bringing in the bells I might go to my bed before midnight. I will hear fireworks which I can’t change. I was also invited to places and I said no thanks how can we watch people enjoying themselves when we are grieving can’t wait until it is over it’s a new year not a happy one.

It is raw, I just worry I will stop being able to enjoy life. But you are right watching other people have fun isn’t that great! I will raise a toast to my beautiful girl then go to bed.

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