Hardly sleeping

Really struggling to sleep even with prescription tablets, feeling really tired and irritable. just want to sleep one night through without waking up having bad dreams or sweating :sweat:. 17 weeks tomorrow my beautiful nan took her last breath. Struggling


Hello @Chelle-luan, I’m sorry you’re struggling to sleep. It’s really common to have disturbed sleep when we are grieving, so please be gentle with yourself.

You might want to take a look at Mind’s tips on coping with sleep problems. There may be some things in there that you would like to give a try.

Take good care,

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I found sleep really hard too until I tried relaxing guided meditations on YouTube. If you find ones you like they are an effective way to get vital rest.

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You are deeply unsettled and I am sorry for your loss. Sleep is so important for strength.
How about trying guided meditation - there are excellent ones on YouTube.

Hi, thank you for your message,

ive tried everything you have mentioned. its been 6 months now and im sleeping better than i was bless you for your ideas

love chelle xx

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