Hate life

Iv had my boiler breakdown this morning, had to have my mums dog put to sleep this morning . Feeling awful about it and doing these things alone just flags up all kinds of emotions and feeling of being alone to solve every thing . My mum is still here but is in a care home she has capacity but I just feel she has left me to deal with everything. Her anxieties got the better of her so I had to get her into emergency care then it was felt she couldn’t live alone . With this I was left to empty her bungalow , and take her little dog on . Now this morning I have had to have him put to sleep and she is I’ll in bed with this chesty cough that the works and his wife seem to be suffering from .
I know if Rob was here he would say you have done the best you can with everything but I would just give my right arm to be able to hear him say it .


Dear Kazzer,

I am so terribly sorry for what you are going through. Just having the boiler break down is a massive upset to the system but on top of that you have had to have your mum’s pet put to sleep, your pet is also poorly, your mum is in a care home and on top of that you have had to sort out her home. It is no wonder you are at the end of your tether with everything. I know what you mean when you say you would give your right arm for your Rob to be here with you
because it would make everything right and make problems not seem as unsurmountable.

Like your Rob would say, you have done the best you can and I agree with what he would have said. I would not have wanted to go through what you are now going through after my husband died.

Please look after yourself.

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Lonely thank you so much I think I must have killed a robin or something because now my mum is really poorly as she has tested positive for covid and influenza I can’t believe what is happening I just want a break

I am so sorry. I do hope your mum gets better quickly. The thing you must now do is look after yourself.

Take care.

Feeling for you so much @Kazzer. You seem to be carrying so much and doing amazingly at it.
We can only admire what you are doing and I know we are not the person you need to hear say it but - you really ARE doing your best.
Sending hugs. xxx