Have lost both my parents in my 30's

I thought that I would get involved here as another level of support.
I’m 34 and have cared for both my parents through cancer. My mum passed away in 2016 and my dad passed away on Wednesday morning.
Both were my best friends and I had grown extremely close to my dad, seeing him at least 3 times a week. He was the kindest, loveliest man and I feel devastated and like there is a huge hole in my life.
I don’t know what advice I’m looking for really, more a means to share how im feeling and feel less alone.

Hi, I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m 30 like you and lost my mum in january, I feel like part of me died when my mum passed away, we was so close! It’s so hard to cope and feeling alone is such a normal part of the grieving process, you are certainly not alone though and there is plenty of people on here that know exactly what your going through.

Thank you for your message. I feel so odd at the moment, can’t bring myself to do anything. Just feel like I would do anything to spend a say with my dad. X

Your very welcome, I’m feeling like that too, I used to have lots of motivation and never sat still until this happened, now some days I can barley get off the couch and just want to eat rubbish. When my mum first died I spent the first few weeks just wanting to be with her, not in the sense I wanted to end my life it was such a strange feeling but I just wanted to cuddle her and be with her for a moment. It’s such a difficult time and grief has many different forms. If you ever want to chat I’m always here and will reply. I know how you feel it seems so surreal x

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I’m the same…I lost my dad when I was young so although I miss him I never really feel/understood it. My mum, carried on, picked us up and was my absolute best mate ever. She died last year, a few months before my 30th birthday…

It’s a strange feeling, I feel so young yet so lonely. I see people double my age still with one or both parents alive and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I envied them :see_no_evil:
Anyway…i just wanted to let you know your not alone and if you ever fancy a chat I really do relate to what you’re saying xxxx


Thank you. It’s nice to know thatbim not alone.
I’m due to get married this year and feel devastated that my parent’s won’t be there. I feel like lot of my friends take for granted that their parents are there to help them bring up their children etc and even mon about them!