Having a bad day today

Can’t stop crying today for no reason, haven’t cried til now it’s taken a month now can’t stop sobbing, us this a normal reaction.


Hi Shayzee

So sorry for your loss. We are all different and so is our grief. I am at a low point too, missing my mum greatly at the moment. She passed last July and though I have grieved, it is especially hard for me at the moment, seemingly made worse following the festive period. I was dealing with things well over Christmas but now things are back to routine my sadness seems to be much worse than before. My partner lost her mum last year too and trying to be strong for each other has probably caused a delayed reaction for me. Your loss is much closer and this reaction is normal. Grief is the price we pay for love, the more we love the more we grieve - I was told this when I lost my mum and this is so true. Just remember there is support out there and many places you can turn to for help.


Yes I was coping over Christmas for my daughter’s and rest of family, a stiff upper lip as my mum would say, she never showed her emotions except in extreme circumstances like the last day of her life. I was raised the same way, so find it hard.

All I can say is if you need to cry, let yourself cry. Sob your heart out and let it out. You’ll feel better for it. I’ve seen first hand what holding back for too long can do to people, and it’s not good. It’s one of nature’s protective mechanisms. Think of it as a circuit breaker or fuse. Too much overload without that breaker or fuse and BANG!
I cry when I need to and I always feel better afterwards. Obviously sometimes you do need to hold back the tears. I won’t cry in front of our boys. At Christmas they were putting the tree up and decorating it just as they always do. This time though was different because their Mum wasn’t there. She died in September aged 46. I tried to help but ended up making my excuses because I could feel the wave of grief coming on. I made my excuses and went to the bedroom and cried my heart out. I felt overwhelmed with grief. After a while the tears settled and I felt much better. Still insanely sad but calm. Sometimes, when I’m alone, it helps me to deliberately focus on the magnitude of what’s happened to my beautiful wife, soul mate and best friend. The pain is horrible and then the tears come. Then afterwards I’m sort of ok and can function again.
Take care