Having a bad day

Sorry, don’t really know who else to speak to but generally having a really bad day today.
Just feel like this weekend the whole world is transpiring against me.
My mum died 6 weeks ago and she was my best friend. I’m on medication which is really helping and it’s kept me going until now but I had a massive crash on Saturday night. I went to a friend’s wedding and got very drunk which probably didn’t help but normally I would have discussed it all with my mum about who was wearing what etc. The wedding was held somewhere I used to work too and for some unknown reason my ex boss was vile to me and I felt really uncomfortable.
I got divorced a number of years ago and not had any interest in anyone really but I did like this guy who was showing all the signs and being friendly. Everyone told me he liked me and he was just shy. This had been going on for some time. He gave me the impression he did so I bit the bullet yesterday and told him how I felt and got the biggest brush off ever. So basically I cried myself to sleep last night.
Now this morning one of my clients is querying an invoice, even though what I’ve charged them is in my contract!
Just feel like the world’s against me. Sorry for the pity post. I know there are many others in a much worse situation.
Just miss my mum x


This little piece of the world is on your side.


That is so beautiful Nigel2 thank you :two_hearts:

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