Having a Day

My husband passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, whilst we were away on holiday, in February. Although he’d been diagnosed with terninal liver cancer last May, at the end of January we received good news rhat the tumour hadn’t grown in 4 months, hence the holiday to the sun. He had a cough and a chest infection, but nothing that worried the Dr.
Whilst away his breathing worsened and we saw a Dr, had a scan, and he was given antubiotics. In the early hours of the following morning i had to call an ambulance, and before they arrived he suffered a stroke. He was unconcious until later that day. When i went to see him I expected him to be more alert than he was although he did respond to my voice. The hospital wanted to transfer him to a better hospital that were better equipped.
The next day i wentnto see him and his bed was empty. He had passed in the early hours and no-one had contacted me. We dont know if things were exacerbated by the cancer, we’ll never know. And the cause of death was respiratory failure.
So today is the day i say my final farewell to him as I inter his ashes. And I’ve chosen to do this alone. When we had his celebration of life, it was so overwhelming. Today is about me and him and our love.
Just wanted to share.
Sending love, strength and hugs to all xx


Just to say I’m thinking of you

Sending love and hugs x

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Try to take it easy and look after yourself now. You’ve been through a really difficult time and this has taken a long while to finally lay him to rest. :people_hugging:

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Thinking of you xx

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