Having a moment?

It’s only about 8 months since I lost her.
Sitting here thinking ‘ why didn’t I tell her I loved her more often? I feel guilty.
Oh to give her a cuddle!
Mostly I feel not too bad, I have a fantastic family and friends, I have been keeping as busy as I can.
It’s still a huge hole in my life, it’s true that you can still feel lonely even in company.
I do.


I obviously don’t know your circumstances, but please try not to have regrets. There are more ways of showing love than saying it out loud. I’m sure you did lots of simple things which showed your loved one you cared, maybe making a cuppa after a long day, a hug when needed, buying their favourite chocolate bar and so on. Look at some photos and remember all your happy times. Think that’s what I’m going to do this afternoon.


My Dad was like this when my Mum died. Its a long process and getting used to life without your long term partner will take time. Try to distract yourself, maybe start a new hobby thats different to anything else you did.