having a rant about daughter

I have had a bad back for about ten yrs, my spine is crumbling and i get trapped nerves all the time that cause me issues, pain, not being able to bend over easily without trapped nerves, plus copd. I have tried to get disibilty but have been told i am not disabled enough. and i certainly cant get a scooter.
my daughter has sciatica and yet she has been able to not only get pip but applied for a mobilty scooter a week ago and she got it yesterday. HOWEVER she still rides a bike and owns a horse which she rides and looks after 5 kids. Had a big arguement with her today over it as i am disgusted with her, talk about work the system.
if i speak to her at the moment we will both regret it
if this isnt allowed please remove

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Sorry to hear you have so many health issues. Sadly, when it comes to benefits, you often need to “play the system”. We only managed to get my husbands PIP so easily as we got a DS1500 form to say he may die in 6 months. He is terminally ill and were told by the doc it’s the only way.
From what you are saying, you absolutely should be entitled to something (probably the lower rate). When filling out the loooong form, you need to base every question on your worse day.
Maybe if your daughter is going riding she can give you the mobility scooter?

trouble with me is i tell the truth i cant lie on a form like that. i am too old for pip. drs wont help you when like me i havea phobia about medication and tests etc si=o i have no written proof of my health probs only word of mouth from dr. as for her she wouldnt and couldnt let me have scooter its registered to her through mobility

Have you claimed attendance allowance? It’s not much but you maybe able to get that? I managed to claim that for my mum.

Try for attendance allowance , once you reach retirement age you can’t get pip ,but attendance is for people who are retired

i applied over a yr ago and they told me i wasnt disabled enough. i am nearly 68 and only get £187 a week and have to pay everything out of that including £65 a week just on electric and thats without heating. i was refused state pension cause i never paid anything in. yet others can get hundreds a week by lying