Having a really bad week

Haven’t been on for a little while been having a really bad time and it’s been worse this week. Just had enough and don’t want to say anything to anyone because it feels like I’m moaning all the time. Anyone else feel the same? People think you should just be able to “” get over it “” Well I’m sorry but that’s easier said than done.


That is what we are all here for, if you want a good moan I am and others are here to listen, we all know the pain you are going through as we are in the same position. If you want to air your feelings we will listen if you want to rant we will listen.,bad days bad weeks are what we all share.


Thank you so much that means so much x

I’m sorry you’re having a harder than the usual hard week. I tend to clam up on the days I feel worst because I run out of words but also because yes I feel like a stuck record moaning or talking about my dead husband. I lost all my real life “friends” already as it was too much.

Of course we’ll never get over it as those poor morons who expect us to will learn for themselves one day. I hope we can learn to adapt to a new life. Even though that feels unimaginable so many other unimaginable things happened that maybe that can too. In the meantime we just keep eating, sleeping, typing on here and trying. It’s hard isn’t it.

I’m on pills now and had about 12 counselling sessions and I’m still mostly nuts but can feel a big difference to a month or two ago. We’ve seen the chaos of reality and that’s not easy to ignore once you’ve been shown. Is there anyone you can ask for some company. Have you tried counselling or talking with the Dr? I thought I was beyond saving and maybe I still am but for almost 2 weeks I’ve begun to feel some hope again after all these interventions. Who knows if it will last and I feel very sad tonight but not unbearably so. So if you didn’t try those options it may be worth investigating. However you get through the hours I hope you keep talking with us. Take care of yourself.


Thank you for that message I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. It’s lovely to speak to people that understand. I have my husband and I do talk to him but he has a lot to deal with as well so I don’t want to burden him so like you I tend to not speak and just say I’m ok when he asks. I’m in contact with my doctor regularly and I’m on tablets which they changed last week because the last ones didn’t do anything for me, I’ve spoke to a support officer a couple of times but she never gets back to me when she says she will, been on a couple of websites but nothing seems to be helping at the moment. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, thank you again and take care xx

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hello @Broken2 hopefully the new tablets will help sometime in coming weeks. How are you doing today?

Hi there FleurDeLis, still very down but as you said I’m hoping the tablets will help. Just loads of down days and when I feel slight happiness I get this overwhelming feeling of guilt and come down with a bang. Thank you again for taking the time to think of me it really does mean a lot. Hope you are doing OK x

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