having a rough time

i lost my mom in september of 2018 and its just not getting any easier the heartache is more prominent

Hi I lost my my mum 18 years ago and still not over it but all I can say it does get better in a way. Easier to talk about and think about. If you would like to talk in here as I still struggle

Hi coopersmom

I am so sorry to read that you have lost your Mum so recently. Because it is still very recent and raw. You may well still be in shock from the loss, it takes much longer than people realise to get over just that part of what has happened.

I lost my Mum two and a half years ago and the first months were a blur of unhappiness, not knowing what had hit me and trying to struggle to come to terms with my new life without Mum.

The biggest piece of advice I was given was to put myself first (much better than what I always thought was the slightly soppy ‘be kind to yourself’), say no to anything I didn’t want to do. I did and it was great, very liberating. Everyone has different things that help them through these dark days. I found going for walks seemed to help me. Preferably in the rain so no one saw me crying! Going to the cinema was also good, again dark so no one saw me in tears. This was quite a treat for me as I didn’t go to the cinema often and saw several films I might not have bothered with. There was a sense of being with other people yet not attached to them which I found comforting.

Two and a half years on the heartache has got less but it has been a long struggle. This forum is something that has helped me through so please keep coming back. Everyone is kind and understands.it is refreshing to be able to say what you feel with no one judging you

Take care

Hi Coopersmom,
I lost my Mum in Feb 2018 and I was in denial for a long time, it was like a defence mechanism. In some ways as this began to fade, I felt worse and feel like some day it is all I can think about. I turned 21 a couple of weeks ago, and her not being there still felt pretty unreal. I just hope the pain will fade day by day, although I know there will always be ups and downs.
Keep strong and all the best,
Abbie x