Having to do everything

Morning Mab sorry that you had a bad day it is so hard to cope with things and to deal we things when they go wrong and we have to get them fixed I know our family have busy lives but it is hard if they not there to help when you need it I feel for you hope you managed to sleep so you have strength to deal with another day
Thinking of you all hope the day will be manageable it’s so hard I not good we words but helps me talking on here knowing that there are people who listen take care sending hugs xx

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Thanks rose 45 and lonely and Barbara it’s good to vent off helps clear the mind, it made me smile about the inheritance and I do feel better today just never know when grief is gonna hit you I suppose hugs to everyone xx

Oh your story is very much like mine. I was spoilt and now left on my own have to do all these jobs. Some I can do but others I Havnt a clue where to start. People are so kind but want to be abit indepedant. I came home yesterday and my lively neighbour was so kind and cut my grass and did my edges. I was so grateful and he said it’s no bother as he is doing his own. Little kind things are so nice and so grateful. Will buy him few beers as don’t want him to do it for nothing. If you pay them you can always ask again. We were always busy in garden together and it’s horrible on your own isn’t it?
Good Luck hope you get some peace xx

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You really inspire me and you’re right a list would be good, keeping busy, it’s funny because my husband worked away a lot so I was almost a single mum bringing up my boys, sorting out the dog and keeping the house up but now I feel the stuffing has been knocked out of me and although I know I can do all these things anxiety and panic gets the better of me and is impacting my life massively but I know it’s all part of grief , and the carefree soul I had then is gone forever and life has become a drudge xx

Reading all your post is good some of you are strong and getting jobs done it is so difficult to get motivated I am not managing to right now the garage will be a big job to sort out will have to have a skip I guess I not sure if I’m ready to tackle it managing to keep garden tidy I finding it so upsetting doing it on my own I was sorting bits out but feel I have taken a step backwards with the weather getting better hopefully I will get bits sorted this time last year we was together making plans for summer now all gone hard month as end this month was when my husband went into hospital all so sudden seven weeks latter he was taken my life crumbled I don’t know how I am getting through each day family I guess can not let them have any more pain
Thinking of you all hope you have an ok day xx


Hi rose 45 it’s early days I’m struggling at seven months such a turmoil of emotion and adjusting to a new life alone which none of us have chosen, I have days when I’m feeling fragile and just rest up and do nothing look at photos listen to music meditate just being kind to myself it’s not always good to push yourself and whatever needs doing will always be there sending love and hugs xx

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Thank you yes you right would never have chosen this life love d what we had will just have to cherish that want we thanks for text
Take care and all who have found there self having to be on here xx

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Dear Lonely
You have done well I know what you are saying I must take care of our home and keep it nice we also have lived here all our married life 46 yrs and had out two children had such happy times was hard going at times we had warned hard doing things in house together and hit to stag where we was going to just potter together rand enjoy our retirement it’s going to be very hard you have found a way I must some how I guess such a lonely life miss him so much was not ready to be here well that cards been dealt they say will have to try thanks for sharing how you doing take care xx

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Thanks for your reply it helps xx