He looked after me now I’m lost

My husband died in June unexpectedly. He wasn’t well but was expected to recover but then he had a massive heart attack. He was pretty much my carer as I have my own health problems. Now I am having to cope with all the household tasks, taking the dog out, the garden etc as well as the unbearable grief from losing him, has anybody else faced similar?


I so know how you feel. My husband died 6th June. He was my carer as I have mobility problems. He did the washing and cooking and most other things. I have had to work out how I can manage just about everything as I expect you are having to do. He went into hospital over a bank holiday so I was without care for 4 days as adult social care just said you are on your own. I now have carers come in every morning for 30 mins which is all I can afford until probate sorted. I don’t have the dog. I have found a gardener but without my neighbours I couldn’t cope. I have a physio bringing a rollator tomorrow for me to try. This might allow me to leave the house in my own. It is very hard dealing with the grief and trying to figure out how to do daily tasks. I send you hugs. Xx. Sandra


I am not disabled as such but have chronic migraine which has affected me all my life. I also have arthritis which is very painful. I don’t qualify for any help so I too have a gardener and am having to look at getting a handyman. My neighbours are mostly much older than me and I don’t like burdening my only son as he has his own responsibilities. I don’t have friends because chronic migraine is a very isolating illness, I am very unreliable because of it and it’s just easier not to bother. My husband sort of shielded me from responsibility when I was unwell and now I just feel overwhelmed. I wish you well in your journey through this terrible time x

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My problem is arthritis in knees , hips and back. Just had a huge scare. My riser recliner allowed my legs up but then wouldn’t go down. Wonderful neighbours to the rescue AGAIN. Is now down. Could be handset. Will not put it up again until tomorrow when I can contact the shop to come and check it.

Sorry to hear that. It’s times like that when you feel the loss most xx

I worked more than my husband and he did all the homework for me . I miss him so much . For the love he gave me


I had a strange event …… I. bought some chocolate and i was splitting it in half for my son for later. I said aloud we usually did share this 3 ways didn’t we and I definitely heard a whistle in my house . It was that loud I checked the house for intruders. That must have been a sign from my hubby