Time as come to sort out my husbands headstone but I just don’t know what to put on it been up cemetery to get inspiration but nothing I like one thing I don’t want is IN LOVING MEMORY seems everyone has that. It’s so hard to get it right.


Hi @Misprint
I can’t help you with this, Doug’s ashes were scattered at sea so I have no permanent memorial.
Have you tried goggle for inspiration, just had a quick look and there are other ideas on there.
I hope you find the right words for you both.
Love Debbie


Hi @ misprint, I could show you what I’ve had done for my son and dad, if that will help? P.s don’t worry in loving memory is no where in sight as I really didn’t want that xx

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I thought “wait for me” but it makes me weep every time


Did you have any phrases between you that you used to indicate your love for each other? If you did you could consider using / adapting that, for example: loved to the moon and back.

Just a thought


That was one of our sayings nice thought


Hi re Headstone… My Stepdad passed away January this year. He is sharing grave with my Mum who has passed…
A brother in law took control over EVERYTHING to do with Dad’s life…to the point none of my Brother’s and Sister were allowed to speak…write…visit or phone dad…we were told that’s how Dad wanted it!!! He got him to change his Will…TWICE!!! …hence leaving our parents Flat to HIS (,brother in law’s)
daughter… Dad’s great stepgranddaughter… Dad had no children of his own. We as a family of 9 out of 13 (2 sisters passed away 2021 and 2020 and 2 youngest brothers passed over 20 years ago…)
Even took over what was written on headstone below mum’s name… Not a mention about any of us but Dads only fammily! …NOR MUM…his wife of over 40 yes…only dad’s nickname that only BIL used…
All so sad as the Will had been changed to suit my ex BIL greed…
My sister passed October 2021 and he did the same with her funeral etc…now…my brothers and sister are having a headstone separate to the 1st one… I chose words …Precious Memories of Mum (her name and age) and Dad ,(his name and age) … And then
… Forever in love, Forever at peace and Forever in our Hearts…(family name)very sime but meaningful to all of us.

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It is such a personal decision. I’ve been through a similar decision in recent weeks and am waiting for the headstone. Initially I had favourite phrases of his, and like you, walked around cemeteries looking for inspiration. In the end, I stripped it right back and decided less is more. I was worried that I might change my mind about a phrase in the future and begin to not like it. Everything felt trite, or too personal.

So I have kept it so simple. I did go with Treasured memories, name, date of birth and death, then simply ‘A beloved husband’. I figured I wouldn’t change my mind about this.

I’ve made a new will and included a letter of wishes with the words I want on there when I die. Again, very simple……my name, date of birth and death, devoted wife of Colin. I can’t wait to be with him again :cry::broken_heart:

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