Health worries

This is ridiculous but a week after losing my lovely Rich I’m now obsessing about my own health. I’m scared I’ll get ill and my 2 kids will have no one. We are such a small family, no aunts or uncles for them and grandparents are dead or in homes.They’re only 20 and 18 and I’m terrifying myself.


I think worrying about the people we will leave behind must be top of the agenda when we are alone. When my first husband left us my children were toddlers and I worried that something would happen to me but relt relief when they became your childrens’s age as I knew they would cope then.
Now I worry about my dogs and their future without me.
I think you should stop worrying so much as hard as it might be. I was married at a younger age than your youngest and both my children had left home by your childrens ages and was coping very well. Have you tried chatting to them about your fears.

Thank you for your level headed and very sensible advice Pattidot. I think I needed to be told to get a grip and give them both more credit as the capable young adults they are.
I think it’s because everything is so raw and frightening at the moment.
I will talk to them, I know already they’ll tell me to stop worrying and just be at the moment xx

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Grief is a terrible thing and brings all sorts of fears to the surface. One day it will be one thing and the next something completely different. I found I couldn’t even remember what I had been worrying about the next day. I hope your children will put your mind at rest.