Hearing voices

Im under a team for support and im joining a hearing voices group. The guilt of my son son passing is only the tip of the iceberg but im seeking help.

Hi. Cambsbloke.
If I may respectfully suggest, have you seen your GP or got some advice if the voices are telling you to self harm. It’s not good for your mental health to allow such voices to go on. You call them ‘evil’.
If they are then it’s about the last thing you want. There are many explanations for this phenomena, but it does need professional advice if the thoughts become ‘evil’.
Please don’t misunderstand what I say. We are all in an apprehensive state and strange things can happen for which there seems no obvious explanation. Take care and, if you can, talk to someone who understands these things. Blessings. John.

Hi John my team are aware of the voices and im getting support thanks .

Ive got my first group meeting for hearing voices next week I’m really not looking forward to it but i will force myself to go

Well i wont be joining the hearing voices group its been cancelled im not surprised but i had finally got used to the idea.

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