Hearing voices

I understand this might not be the correct place to ask this but has anyone joined a hearing voices group.

I didn’t know that there were groups for hearing voices. I shall do a search on google. x

Ive struggled with intrusive voices for a while my team say its from the trauma ive been put forward for a group i don’t do well in groups so its not going to be easy.

What kind of voices do you hear? And what do they say?

The only voice I hear is my Dads in my ear since I lost him in November.

Ive many voices and there just awful running me down really making every day a struggle i cant even explain just how bad they are. Do you find your dad’s voice a comfort :thinking:.

I take it it’s multiple voices? Do any sound familiar?

Sometimes I do. If it’s when I’m puzzling about something and needing advice, usually he pops in my ear. Sometimes it breaks me down hearing him because I can’t see him.

The voices are all different and none are familiar.

Hi Watt
Thats interesting
What does your dad say?

Hi Ell,

Like I said, it varies depending on the situation. For example, if I’m getting really upset and crying he’ll pop in my ear and say ‘chin up toots, and always look on the bright side of life’, or ‘I’ll always have your back, Jack’, things he said to me all the time.
Sometimes I’ll hear him giving me advice on things I’m thinking about. My Dad was my absolute best friend, the closest person in my whole life so if I have a question, I could usually answer it for him. I knew him like the palm of my hand.

Is his voice in your mind or are you hearing him?
I heard my grandmother after she passed a few times - real voice in my ear, and others heard it too.
I thought I heard my dad a few weeks after he died, but right after I heard a chorus of other voices which I didnt like. That was just one time.

Hmmm once I’ve definitely heard his real voice just after he passed but I’d say since then it’s been in my mind…

I have had so many signs from him though
Did you?

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I heard my mums voice once loud and clear. “Hello”. I was asleep so it was just probably a vivid dream. But wow it made me sit bolt up right. So loud in my ear. It was lovely. Not had another once since


When I heard his real voice He said my name, but right following I heard a ton of other voices that overtook his voice, which was chaotic so I shut it down somehow. Didnt hear anything else after that.
I dont know if there have been signs. What do signs look like?

Dear Cambsbloke,
After my husband Peter died five years ago, for the following 12 months I used to hear him calling for me, it was so real and so loud and urgent Sheila, Sheila, that I jumped out of bed then realised he wasn’t here anymore. The second year I heard his voice calling me but this time it was a gentle Sheeelaaa then the third year it stopped altogether. I still feel the side of the bed where he used to sleep go down on a night as if someone is climbing into bed, there is always shuffling then I feel something/someone cuddling up to me, it is the way we always slept together, we called it spooning in our day, I lay still and then it goes away and I can feel the emptiness at the back of me and I know it is Peter visiting me.
I believe in the afterlife and that one day we will all be reunited with our lost loved ones and that is what keeps me going.

Hi Sheila,
That is reassuring. When we experience these types of things, it makes us all question whether or not what we have experienced is real.
Hope that it is.

Hi Sheila Im afraid my voices are just evil i get told i should kill myself over and over my son was only 7 months and its been 16 yrs now things have got steadily worse for me. Did you find it a comfort to hear your husband i used to talk to my son all the time when he passed i woukd clean his memorial garden and nag away i didnt hear him as he never spoke but i could feel him but im afraid thats gone now i cant explain just how bad it is. X

I’d find that comforting!

I think I’ve only had the one dream I can remember, but that was also pretty vivid and I woke up in tears.

That’s interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced hearing multiple voices before…
I suppose signs are different for everyone. I’ve had a few… the biggest one was after my Dads service, I’d booked a long weekend away with my partner in a big house in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to get back to nature, just how Dad loved. One night we decided to put on Aladdin which was Dads favourite Disney, and paused it while we stepped outside for a smoke. I’d forgotten my lighter so went back inside, the film was playing and the dog was going mental. I freaked out and paused the film again, went back outside to tell my boyfriend. We both came back in to inspect and the film was playing again… we thought it might just be an old tv, so once more paused it, but this time we waited. I jokingly said to Jamie, I bet that’s just Dad telling us to stop pausing his favourite picture… Jamie looked uo to the ceiling, and said ‘Dod, is that you?’… the film started playing again. 3 times.
I’ve had a few things sent on YouTube too, things that have never popped up or played before, yet did shortly after he passed. The best one he sent was Joe Walsh - Life’s Been Good, dad telling me he was okay.

Dear Cambsbloke,
I honestly think what you are hearing is to do with some sort of guilt that you feel about your baby son. It sounds to me, after reading your posts, that you still have regrets about bringing your son home to spend his last few hours with you and I would assure you that you did the right thing for him. I know from experience when my sister lost her twin girls whilst they were in hospital incubators, that she never forgave herself for not being there with them when they died and I know for a fact that if she could have taken them home like she wanted to, things would have been so very different because my sister, spent the next few years on anti-depressants as she could not get over the fact that she thought she had let her daughters down, when in fact it was the hospital who let her down for not letting her be with them when they died and for not letting them take them home with them for their last few hours. They had given her sleeping tablets to calm her down so she was not awake when they died.
What you need to remember is what you did, was for your son to spend his last hours with you both and not fastened up to wires in an incubator. I think it is about time that you stopped blaming yourself for doing the right thing and start to realise what you did was the best thing for your son and then and only then will you be able to move on, I know what the guilt of not being with her daughters did to my sister but you were with your son and as far as I am concerned you have nothing whatsoever to blame yourself for.
There are many places you can go if you need to talk to a professional about this but I really hope you can come to terms with what has happened.

Hearing a one off voice is probably very normal, especially when under stress or falling asleep. However, if you hearing multiple voices then it possibly best to speak to a GP.

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