Heart ache

I lost my best friend a year ago, he was my dog called max. I know some ppl say its only a dog, but i loved him so so much.
He was 5 years old whed he passed, my sister and i were walking him, he collapsed and died within 20 seconds.
I cant get the picture out my head, i still cry everyday.
To say i miss him is a understatement. I cant see my life ever moveing forwrd.

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Hi sorry to hear about your pet , what sort of dog did you have , I know how you feeling I lost mine 4 years ago , and still miss him they are not just pets they are our family , from the day we bring them home , think of all the memories I still talk about ours now what he liked his personality , ours was a German shepherd Don’t let anyone say they just pets because they are not .


Hi Moo, He was your baby. I’m so very sorry that he is gone. I know when my Porscha leaves me (she’s 15 now) I’ll be devastated. I know it’s of little comfort now but have you thought of going to a rescue centre looking to rehome dogs? Go with your sister. You could volunteer to take dogs for a walk or just sit with them, These places run on volunteers I think. You might feel better to get close to dogs again. They need love. So many animals are left behind when their owners pass with noone to take care of them. You can find love again, for a dog who needs you to give him as much love and care as you gave your Max. It will be different but just as loving. I’m terrified of my Porscha leaving me. She’s the only reason I get out of bed since mam passed. Otherwise I would lie here all day.
Take care and have a think about maybe reaching out to a rescue centre nearby. Much love xxx


I cried more over the loss of my fantastic pets than I have some family members…as hard as that sounds but they showed me love, gave me routine more than distant family.

I get the ashes of all my pets and they are all scattered in the same place so they can all be together and I can visit them all. The only person who knows where it is was my mum and I have a small amount of her ashes which will also be scattered there so she look after them all.

Pets give us purpose, routine, unconditional love and companionship so don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for grieving.

I don’t know if it’s your thing but there is a company called Ever With that can make a keepsake for pets (and people) so not sure if you would be interested but just thought I’d say.

Take care of yourself and as Christine suggested maybe volunteering at a local shelter would help and I am a firm believer that the pets choose you not the other way about.

Suzanne x

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He was a wolfhound cross.


Sorry what was the keep sake place called pls xxx

Ever With is company. Not gonna lie they aren’t cheap but the quality is worth the money imo x