Heart break

It’s quite a while since I posted but I do read the posts and I feel for all those who have lost love ones it’s 2 years today since I lost my lovely wife of 40 wonderful years together every day is so hard without her but I try to take each day as it comes and think of all the wonderful memories we had together thinking of you all out there take care X


M50 I’m so so sorry for your loss . I’m at 16 weeks and I know I will always feel like I do the same as the day it happened. People say it will get easier but for me I know it never will he was the love of my life my world and there is nothing that could ever make me feel that way again .
Sending hugs to you on this awful anniversary.

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I’m sorry for the loss of your partner.
It’s 24 weeks for me and the loss is not getting any easier.
Sadly, you don’t get over it you get through it. It doesn’t get better it gets different.
Take care xx


Thank you for your kind reply,so sorry for your sad loss look after yourself take care X

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Thank you for your kind reply,so sorry for your loss,I just think of all the lovely memories we had together the hard part is the emptiness and the loneliness it’s never easy I just take each day as it comes try and be kind to yourself take care X

M50, sorry for your loss, it was 2 years last week since I lost my husband to cancer after 3 year battle, it hasn’t got any easier for me, every day a struggle, as you say the emptiness and loneliness is so hard, I can’t see good memories only how ill he was for such a long time , sending hug to you x


Thank you for your kind reply so sorry for your loss my wife sadly died from lung cancer after a two year battle I try to think of our happier times which is hard at times please take care of yourself life can be so cruel X

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