Heart broken

I lost my partner after 19 years together last weekend to a Brain haemorrhage, She was only 38 and the most loving lady I’ve ever known, she was my child hood sweet heart and I don’t know how to cope with the pain in losing her. I try and tell my self it will get easier but is that really true as it just seems to be getting worse.

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Hi Lee 1983

I’ve just read your tragic post and my heart goes out to you. Your partner was so young and she died so recently. You must still be in shock. I know you want it to get easier but all of us on this site know it is a long hard journey you now have to face. You can only take it one day at a time. The emotions come thick and fast. Some days are better than others and just when you think you are coping a wave of grief knocks you down again.

I wish I could offer you some advice. All I can say is be kind to yourself and post on here whenever you want to. They is always someone willing to listen.


Thanks for your kind words Yvonne, I know I got to be strong for the children she left behind but it’s just so hard. I am going to try and take day by day at the moment and hopefully I learn to live what we have all lost .

Hello Lee,

This is so sad and painful, such a recent loss for you especially after knowing your lovely partner all your life. I hope in time you find some comfort in the lovely memories you must have shared.
I’ve started making a book of memories, photos, souvenirs ,cards that I’d kept.

Writing a tribute to my partner and planning the service I wanted helped comfort me.

Take care of yourself, J x

Hello Lee1983 my name is thomas and I lost my wife in Feb. after 63 years marrige
we had some very hard times together but out of it came some very good times.
I am finding it hard to cope without her but have been told that things will get better in time. not sure how long that is. I think that the more you care the worse it is
I feel so sorry for your loss after such a short time and hope you will be able to get on with your life after the grieving.

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