It has been a year since i lost my soul mate Andy,and the pain hurts as much now as it did on the day,but my so called friends an family,seem to think i should be over it by now,and to get on with life,my life is never gonna be the same again,i just feel so lonely,and isolated.


Grief happens differently for us all. Take each day as it comes.
Don’t push yourself into doing things you’re not ready to do.

Things will happen naturally. Things will never be the way they were.
Set yourself a little goal each day. So what if it takes all day to do it.
He was your loved one. It’s your life that has been turned upside down.

Stay strong. Just do things so you become a better version of who you are at the moment. Do it for you and in honour of your soul mate.

Sending hugs :people_hugging:

Hello myjica I feel the same as Courtshaun the pain is the same as the day my husband passed just over 9 months ago getting up in a morning is getting really hard for me at the moment but I do it and that’s a good start for the day I try to plan my day and make it last as long as possible because if I stop I know I’m going to cry which I do, I try to set myself projects to do but the grieving always manages to break through I’m thankful for this site it is helping me but I also thank my Bereavement councillor for getting me this far

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@Jennison1946 @Courtshaun

You have both taken the step like the rest of us to reach out to those that are going through the same thing.

Always remember they are with you everyday. It’s easier said than done, but do what you can for yourself in their honour and for your self esteem. It’s all about baby steps.

I think you’re stronger than you think. Grief makes us have so many emotions, happy, sad, angry etc. How do we cope. That’s an individual thing.

Keep coming on here and talking. Writing down your feelings.

This site I think helps, because we don’t know the people personally that we’re talking to. Sometimes, it’s just easier to talk to strangers. We are a bereavement family bought together by grief, yet strangers.

Myjica once again thank you for your heartfelt words and as you say it is better talking to a total stranger as they do have the time to listen to how we are all feeling on this site once again thank you

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You’re more than welcome. Anytime you want to chat, you can message me

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myjica thank you so much you certainly bring a lot of warm and positivity into this site

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Don’t ever feel that you should accept what others say. I am still devastated that my husband died 6 years ago from cancer. For me, letting go is like wanting to forget. He will always be in my heart and on my thoughts.


Ericawave so sad for your loss I’m just over 9 months since my husband passed I can’t touch his clothes the cupboard he kept his baking things in I can’t open he was a cook at sea he’s permanently on my mind and in my heart I talk to him everyday my life is nothing without him but sat here day after day crying isn’t doing me any good but by coming onto this site has really helped me as well as bereavement councilling I definitely won’t let him go he was my life certainly was a character

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