Heart hurts!

I feel like I’ve been on auto pilot since the day Daniel died. Holding our little girl as she screamed that scream you only hear when someone’s heart has broken. It’s been a bumpy road his family cremated him without telling us when it was not even an invitation for our little girl.
Been getting on with all the paperwork but it’s been a fight getting the interim death certificate as his family has told everyone we were divorced.
Trying to apply for financial help is making me dizzy.
Yesterday I had his interim death certificate and our marriage certificate come through the door.
Just looking at the pieces of paper has broken me.
How has 13 years come to this two pieces of paper and broken hearts?
It feels like it’s just happened again I can’t stop crying looking at his certificate made me physically sick. I know it sounds silly but he’s actually gone.
Sorry for the rant but no one I know is understanding how I feel. Thank you for reading

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Dear @Beany

There is no need to apologise as we can all feel your pain. The passing of a loved one stirs up so many emotions within families and for some it can be difficult to come to terms with and they do not know how to react with words and actions.

You can connect with members who have lost a husband under the topic Loss of a husband/Losing a Partner who have experienced what you are going through and will understand. The support is amazing.

Please continue to reach out and take care.


Hi @Beany.
It sounds like you are going through a terrible time made worse by family members who are being so insensitive.
Sorting through the minefield of paperwork is horrible too, no wonder you feel dizzy and sick.
This is a really good place you have come to and you can talk about your grief for Daniel as much, or as little as you want to. Be gentle with yourself and only do what you can as you take it day by day. We’re here for you :two_hearts: