Heartache and feelings at 7 weeks

It’s 7 weeks tomorrow sweetheart that you had to say goodbye and my world fell apart, you left a great big Andrew shaped hole in my heart. It hurts so so much. You meant the absolute world to me. I think about you every waking minute and long to dream about you, I long to feel your warm embrace, I long to smell your beautiful skin, to hold your hand and for you to keep me warm at night. I long to hear you Voice, for you to say I love you babes, your my favourite person. Most of all I long for you, my beautiful kind and loving man. It’s so hard without you, you were my everything. I miss every ounce of your being. I love you today, tomorrow and always. I’ll find you sweetheart :kiss:

Emma bought a star in your memory and named it after you, so you’ll always be shining bright down on us.

The world is cruel, you were to young to go, you were such a good person, you didn’t deserve to go so soon. We had so many plans,.I feel like I’ve lost the biggest part of me which was you my love.

Thank you for being mine for those 18 years, you truly were the perfect gentleman and loved me whole heartedly. You always made me feel special and so so loved. Thank you for being mine :heart:

Please come to see me tonight, I’m really missing you and need to see you in my dreams. I hate that you are gone. I never in a million years would have imagined you leaving me so young. I"m really struggling my love, I just don’t know how to live without you.

Who am I without you?
Why did you have to die and why did we have to become an I?
How do I live without you by my side?
You were my biggest cheerleader, my biggest support.
You knew the real authentic me and loved me wholeheartedly.
You were my favourite person, my soul mate and my everything. It was always you and me!
How do I live as one when it was always the two of us?
Who will hold my hand?
Who will ask me about my day?
Who will call me their princess?
When will we meet again?
You were my favourite person and my best friend.

Oh Andrew I really miss you, I just wish we had more time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have so much love for you, my heart is truly broken :broken_heart:


Beautifully said.
I ask the same questions - I don’t have any answers but I do know we loved well and with all our hearts - and we were loved back.
That hopefully gives some comfort.


As @roni52 has written beautifully said.

You have spoken for me and so many others on here.

So many lovely, caring people taken far too soon. People who made us complete.

Sending you lots of love and a huge hug,

Rose xx



Thank you, it’s just so sad :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you. Well I didn’t dream of him, I dreamt of a garbage truck :joy: I did watch the new series Eric on netflix so that’ll explain it. X


Thank you, that just made me smile and giggle.


Rose x

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Hi @Katyh reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I understand totally how you feel. I was lucky to be with my husband for fifty years but wanted more. I am so lost without him by my side. Every day when I wake up from what little sleep I’ve had it just hits me over and over again. I’ve said as others have it’s just like groundhog day. Anothrr lonely day to get through. I do have two beautiful grown up children and the most wonderful grandchild but they cannot fill the hole in my heart that my husband has left. I feel like my life is pointless now. I wish that I could be more positive for them as they miss him also. He was such a lovely, funny man. No fun now. Love to everyone on this awful path.x


Hi @Loobyloo2

Sorry I made you cry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yes there just isn’t any words for how it feels , it just so overwhelming and consumes everything. In general I’ve been doing ok, just ok! But yesterday evening after a pretty good day it just flooded over me, I assume the reality of the rest of my life without him kicked in. It’s just so sad and I can’t see how it will get her any better. I’m not back at work yet but I dread the thought of looking at my phone and not having texts from him checking in or not rushing home to make us tea as I finish at 4.30 and he would get home about 5.30. I just feel so uncertain about everything. We used to love it when the nights got darker and we could get cozy and warm after being at work. It’ll just be me know freezing to death (that’s a joke :rofl: I do have heating)

I totally understand about not being positive, I try my hardest to be strong and optimistic but struggling at the moment, I’m sure it’ll pass. How wonderful that you had 50 years, that’s truly special.

I feel like running away lol don’t no were to maybe a round the world ticket. I thought about applying for race around the world on BBC but didn’t fancy being on Tv :joy:

Suppose I should feel lucky for what we had as I know not everyone is as lucky as us for having found undivided true love :two_hearts:


There is the famous saying
"It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at al "
Think I got that right.
Yes at least we have known the beauty and wonder of being loved and loving someone.

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100% agree. It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved. It’s a lovely feeling and everyone should experience it. If I could go back and love him for another 18 years I would even knowing that I would loose him all over again xx