Heartache & Sadness Poem ( Dedicated to everyone here )

The tears unseen, that fall in the dark,
Each one a memory, is a lasting mark.
Grief, a shadow that walks by my side,
In its presence, I cannot hide.
Pain unspoken, in the depths of my soul,
A chasm wide, a unfillable hole.
Grief’s cold hands, tightly clasped,
In a unyielding grip, I am firmly grasped.

An unseen path that shrouds in a mist,
Grief, a journey with a twist.
In the maze, I lose my way,
Yet, in its grip, I must stay.

The lasting whisper of a love so true , so deep,
Grief, a keeper, it is hard to keep.
In its arms, I find no end,
For the heart, does not mend.


What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it. :pray:

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Thank you lulu.