Hello, Im Sharon and new to this site. I lost my husband in October aged 57 after a 2 year battle with Cancer. Whilst I know he is not suffering anymore, I pine for him every minute of the day. My stomach feels constantly sick and whilst I dont cry I ache as I feel lost destroyed and heartbroken.
I nursed him and looked after him and now I feel useless.

Id appreciate any advice… how can I turn my negative thoughts to positives. I miss him so much… We were at the point in our lives where we were enjoying life, kids grown up. When I met him, I chose a life I wanted, now I have to make a life I dont want… how do I deal with this… please help me. Thanks.


hello sharon, i’m so sorry for your loss and pain. perhaps the only real choice grievers have is to accept the pain and adapt to the loneliness by changing from within. i think many of us find sharing our pain with other grievers a cathartic release and by communicating we can slowly heal from within. hang in there sharon, you’re not alone out there.

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Thank you Peter.I have reached out to other sources for face to face counselling so we will see. I keep myself busy and I’m looking to return to work in time but I find each day a struggle. I feel im too young to be a widow, ut shouldnt be happening to me… but then I feel for anyone at any age going through this heartache. Its so cruel. The only thing that consoles me is he is not suffering anymore. Cancer is cruel… Thanks for your response.