My beloved husband passed away 19th February 2021 his funeral was 18th march 5 days ago hed been diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago and the radiotherapy melted his bowel and bladder leading to permanent stoma and catheter this caused a condition called proctitas and this caused him a lot of pain. The week leading up to his passing he had sickness and diarrhoea after a couple of days he tried bits of soup . On the 17th February he woke in the night and rushed to the toilet to be sick I heard a bang and ran in he was on the floor but said he was ok he thought he had hold of the radiator but hadn’t he had been sick and it was a brownish colour looking back in hindsight I should have called ambulance but helped him to bed the next morning I woke as usual did a coffee and went to wake him he woke up I went out of bedroom and heard a moaning I rushed back in he was half in and out of bed I helped him on the bed and noticed blood on his t shirt where stoma was I called ambulance he wanted to empty stoma so got a bowl and new stoma when ambulance came he was still emptying eventually they got him in a ambulance his eyes rolling to back of head due to low blood pressure he had a spontaneous gastrointestinal bleed he had 3 pints of blood and plasma the next day the 19th he rang me and said he hadn’t felt this well for ages and asked me to take a few things to him so I went up texting each other on the way I arrived I rang ward bell the nurse told me wait in relatives room a nurse and doctor came in to say he started bleeding again and was been rushed down to surgery I went home as I have dogs that needed feeding I sat waiting I got phone call at 7.15 to say he had passed away as they couldn’t stem bleeding and it was coming through his mouth we couldn’t have children I feel so alone I miss my soulmate so much and I blame myself for not ringing ambulance on his fall in bathroom

I’m sorry you have lost your husband and had to join us here. I’m sure we don’t have all the answers, but we are all going through the same emotions as you are. Please keep posting, please keep reading

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