Hi, my only son passed away 5 weeks ago, at the age of 36 . He was a fit young man , he cycled every day, played football twice a week .it was a tremendous shock to us. He lived in Amsterdam and worked in tourism. Around 2 months earlier he began to have headaches which gradually got worse. He went to his GP and was booked in to have a CT scan in 2 weeks time . But the pain got so severe he had a seizure and he vomited which caused his heart to stop , this happened in a hotel room in Paris where he was visiting his girlfriend . When his girlfriend found him lying in bed she tried to revive him and with help from the hotel staff they managed to get his heart started. While in hospital the doctor said his organs had been deprived of oxygen for a long time, and sadly he passed away , we are all totally devastated

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Dear Bluebird

How devastating. My heart goes out to you. Life can be so so cruel and certainly seems to have its own agenda.
The one thing I have learnt going through my own bereavement is that unless you have experienced a loss, you really have no idea or understanding of the battle and immense sadness and pain that lies a head.
I joined this group in the early days and everyone has been so supportive, I am sure it has been down to their help, advise that I find myself managing a little bit better now im further done the line.
This is my new go to family to help me through my dark days even when I know everyone is dealing with their own loss.

Although it is sad we find ourselves here, here we are anyway and we are all here to offer support. We are listening .

Please take care
Dee xx


Oh Bluebird, that is heartbreaking for you. To lose your only son at such a young age is agonising.
5 weeks is such a short time for you to even try to come to terms with his loss.
Sadly, there are others on here who will have suffered the loss of a child and through reading their stories I do hope that you find some small piece of comfort.
Keep reading, keep putting your thoughts into words. Others really do understand and feel your pain
Janey xx

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Thank you for your kindness

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Thank you for your kind words

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