Hi, my husband died nearly 6 weeks ago. He had been well until end of Feb, he had stomach ache, went to DR who said come back in 3 days if not better, he went back 8th March and got sent to A&E, I could not stay with him. They did CT scan and found lesions on liver and bowel, such a shock. He asked to come home and they said more tests were needed. 13 th March he had to go back in, more tests done, 21st March told nothing they could do, he wanted to come home and they said occupational
Therapy would arrange, he never came home, he died on 24th March. I am heartbroken, every day is like torture. I keep thinking back to the days in hospital when I could only spend an hour visiting and he said so many times how scared he was. I wish I could stop my head going there :broken_heart::sob::sob::sob:


Hi I’m sorry for your loss, my story very similar and now even after nine months today I worry About how he felt we were told he had weeks to live but he only had eight days we did not expect it to happen so quickly and so much left unsaid but now I think maybe it was good that it happened so quickly he would not have handled a long protracted illness, it was awful for us to see, all I can say is be kind to yourself surround yourself with gentle people who care for you and ask for help if you need it, sending hugs xx


Yes, that’s what is so hard, we were told weeks or months. On the Monday that they told us he said he wanted to come home. Next day they said he was too I’ll to
Move, that’s my one regret that we didn’t get him home so he could see the garden. I just feel so bereft and devastated. I’m so sorry for your loss too, it’s just the hardest thing to go through. X


My husband was diagnosed on the 18th October last year. We were told he could have up to 5 years but he died on ,2nd November. I’m still in shock and denial. People say at least he did not suffer ling which I understand but I miss him and there was so little time to talk. The one hour visits were so short.

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My husband was taken I to hospital 3 Feb 22, 2009 he had been diagnosed with serious cardiac failure and was fitted with aPacemaker and Defrib. The District Nurse was visiting thought he looked unwell and took his BP, too high for him and oxygen levels, too low. Informed GP who arranged for him to go into hospital. 14 hours later at about 4.00 am, ambulance arrived. He did not want to go but I am the crew persuaded him. He seemed OK that day, Thursday but I was not allowed to see him. I then received a phone call Friday morning saying I needed to go in ASAP to the ICU. My darling husband seemed to be in a coma. The Consultant there told me he had Carbon Dioxide poisoning and had approx 48 hours to live. I had to ring his family and our daughter who lived in Lincoln. I stayed with him for 10 hours and he came round once to say ‘The missus, her in doors, Sharon, I love you’ . He looked so frightened. I needed to leave and pick our daughter up from the station. At 7.00 am Saturday, the phone rang to say he had passed away at 5.00am; I went into see him in the ward and he was so peaceful, the only thing I am really grateful for. No more pain, no more suffering. That’s for me to suffer now.