We live in a sheltered housing complex & have various social nights however i Lost the love of my life tragically at our Halloween party last Oct 28th 22 we were dancing & 30 mins later my Bill was gone he had an aorta valve replaced 10 years ago age 67 he had not been ill before or after his operation but apparently it is very very rare but the thread can become loose unfortunately for my Bill he was one of the rare ones this happened to he was unconscious in about 10 to 15 seconds so unbelievably quick & it does not seem real one of our friends took a short video of us dancing to one of my favourite Billy Fury songs & 30 minutes after that dance He was gone just fell to the floor no warning signs nothing I watched it for first time last week I don’t know how or why but I get a sense of comfort from it we had been married 57 years & together from age 15 we had the most amazing 62 years we have a daughter & son who also all shared that special bond all our lives sometimes I really feel i cannot live without him it is so difficult & I just go through all these different waves of constant crying emotions I now have started to spray his toiletries around !!! But so difficult to understand & miss every single thing each day it will be his 78th birthday 26 of this month & would of been our 58th Anniversary on April 3rd we often talked about getting close to our Diamond wedding so I suppose I just have to continue with taking each of these days at a time Ann


@Ann111 So sorry for your loss. I see from the thread your Bill died 28th October, the same day I lost my wife of 47 years, Diane. I still feel the waves crashing over me and sending me into tears from time to time. I don’t think anything prepares us for this. It is definitely one day at a time. You sound that you had a good life together. I liked the Teddy Boy wedding. I couldn’t put mine on as my hair was 70s long and trousers flared - too embarrassing. Love and support.

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Ahh thank you so much Mike 75 that’s so kind & I can’t believe you picked up on Bills teddy boy look he so much loved that fashion & used to get into trouble at school for wearing silky shirts etc
I feel for your sad loss of your beloved wife Diane you are so right it’s just hard to come to terms with especially when the tear are uncontrollable you probably find the same you can be sort of ok talking to someone then it just overcomes nothing we can do
You realise how much sadness is going on with people till you see the posts on here
Thanks again & I hope you continue to get by each of these dark days all we can do Mike

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@Ann111 In the 60s I was a rocker. Leather jacket, motorbike group, sideburns. Loved The Who and the Stones more than the Beatles. Changed sides towards end of the decade with my first pink paisley shirt and flared loons, long hair and Jesus sandals. My future mother-in-law was not impressed as she thought I was some sort of hippy freak but I was just a poor student who made bad fashion choices. Those were the days as Mary Hopkin used to sing.
Keep those sort of memories alive. They make me smile and have stopped the tears (for now). Thank you for that.

Ahh just had to reply back when I saw your music likes
We loved 60s too & Bill favourite was kinks & queen Natalie read the lyrics out of kinks song Days at her dad funeral
if you feel like it have a read it might help you feel bit comfort for your Diane there really inspiring words which normally we never even relate to before this happens

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@Ann111 Kinks Days so appropriate and words meaningful now as you say. I was listening to a music channel the other day and they played Elvis singing Can’t help falling in love and the Seekers I’ll never find another you. The words blew me away. Thank you for reminding me. My wife used to joke if we ended up in a home we would be singing Rod Stewart’s Do ya think I’m sexy! :joy:

Ahh yes lots of funny memories too always ours too forever keep take care Mike :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry you have had this terrible loss to experience and live with. Reading your post I suspect, no matter how terrible for you, that would be exactly the way your husband would have liked to leave this world. Having fun up to the last with the woman he loved.
Yes, 60s music was fabulous. I was born in 1961 and we weren’t allowed to have that ‘noise’ on at home as my darling Dad only liked classical music but 50s and 60s music is still my favourite to listen to now and Days lyrics are very apt to our situation.

It is ten months since I lost my darling husband and the pain is less raw but can raise its head at any time. We can only live as well as each day allows for our loved ones. That may be enjoying time one day and crying the next but we do have the support of each other on here, who each understand the magnitude of losing the love of our lives.

Sending hugs
Karen xxx


Thank you Karen for your kind support & thoughts they really do seem to help & thank you also for the mesg facility
I will send you a little message back I don’t think I’ve used that before sending hugs to you too hope you continue to manage each day better :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yep … baby steps ! But the tears flow dont they and i still think its not fair !!! At times im so angry hes gone … i absolutely loved his company :heart: