Having a real bad day and feel so stressed :sleepy: feel so lost without my husband :disappointed: and my poor son :cry: it’s horrible and I hate it :cry:


@Judy10 Hey Judy. So sorry for your loss, it must still be very raw for you. This site is great if you need to release emotions, lots of nice people on here.

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Hi @Judy10

So sorry for your loss :heart:

You have found a good place to talk to others who will understand your pain. Please keep posting. Check out some other posts and contribute. Everyone here is supportive and non judgemental.

Sending lots of love xx

So sorry for your loss

It is still so raw for you. You have a horrible journey ahead. But please keep posting on here.
We all understand, we are all going through it, all at different stages, all helping each other
You can say what you want, rant or just let out your feelings. No one will judge. Just understanding and support.

Sending love and hugs to you and your son

X x

You are not alone in how you are thinking.