I can find no comfort to my problem which is a specific fear. I will tell it straight as is my way , I really need answers from a vicar or my own Bible studies, but I have not got any so far.

I am a Christian, so I look forward to being in heaven with Jesus Christ when my time comes. This to me is the most important thing.
My late husband was a cynical atheist. So how can we be together again?

Since he died many years ago it is this question that has tortured me. I grieve his loss, I yearn to be with him again. I pray for him.
Yet I just cannot imagine how our love could overcome such a void.

This surely must prey on the minds of others where one was a believer and the other not.


My personal belief, heaven won’t mind your husband was an atheist. Whatever the other side is I don’t think it point scores or is hierarchical.

I have had too many experiences not to believe there is something more. Whether it is heaven in the sense of a Christian belief, an on-going of energies, I truly believe our loved ones are there and we will reunite and its not ours to figure out in this life.

Beki x


As a christian myself I believe god loves everyone even those who don’t believe in god or have lost their way etc & we will all meet together in heaven especially if we want to meet up again & our love ones will be meeting us at that golden gate when our time comes , I know my family & now my nan who aren’t church people have now met up in heaven & will be waiting for me when it’s my time to go there , god be with you,


I am so tortured, so I hope you are right. I just cannot cope with the idea I will never see him again. If not, it means hopelessness because what have I got to look forward to, not knowing where he has gone, is he in endless pain?
It feels impossible that when I close my eyes on this world I might see him walking towards me. That is my dream.
After he died I searched in the streets and alleyways of my mind, in dreams. Usually waking up crying and lonely. A few times I did see him and felt indescribable happiness until I woke to find myself alone.

Why does God allow love between people if it is to be snatched away by death?


By the way, it is a relief to say these things. Who can we say them to in our everyday lives? If you try, people come out with ignorant remarks, unless bereaved they just don’t understand. It is a total exquisite aloneness when your partner has died. The one you ate and slept next to, the one without whom food has no taste and the nights no comfort.


I’ve questioned things about god before why he lets people die & war etc but rarely get much sense but I know in my heart I will get to see my love ones again in heaven & my church vicar has told me this too, but it’s still too long before we see them again tho :frowning:

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Hi @Rachel50
I’m a Christian too. Yes I do believe we will meet again, and like you I have images that my husband will be waiting to greet me when it’s my time to join him.

Our God is a loving God and I believe we are all welcome.

Found these two questions on Google

Do we meet each other in heaven?
In fact, the Bible indicates we will know each other more fully than we do now. The Apostle Paul declared, “Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known” (1 Corinthians 13:12). It’s true that our appearance will change, because God will give us new bodies, similar to Jesus’ resurrection body.


A. Yes to both. The reunion will take place, but not as husband and wife. We learn this in Jesus’ explanation to the Sadducees: "When people rise from death, there will be no marriage.

Sending love
Debbie X X

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As long as I know he is safe and in heaven with me, I ask no more. Heaven without him I do not understand. But I must leave it in God’s hands, his will not mine.

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Rachel50, You will see your husband one day.
God loves everybody, so an atheist would be loved by God. The afterlife could be many things, beyond what we imagine. God is about compassion and love for all.

I’m not a catholic, but below seemed to be a good quote.

Quoted form the National Catholic Reporter. " Pope Francis was reported as preaching in a homily at the daily Mass that he celebrates in that residence where he lives. He was reported as telling the people during that homily, “Atheists will go to heaven. Atheists will be saved,” and the people began to be a little bit disturbed. “Atheists? They don’t even believe in God, and you’re telling us they’ll go to heaven?” Francis said, “Yes, atheists will be saved. They will go to heaven.”

Rachel, I hope the quote settles your mind. There is nothing stronger than love.


I thank you for your kindness, trying to comfort me. Yet, I am in pain because I think though God does not reject anyone, there are those who reject Him. It is a subject for another place, but the basic logic is that such who deny God’s existence are not going to heaven.

My only hope is that my husband may have prayed and made his peace with the Lord in his last weeks. I prayed over him and he did seem moved. As cancer overwhelmed him, I suspect he realised how little else is important, that we lose everything in this world no matter who we are.

I hope and pray he did get to heaven and if so, I cannot wait to join him. I am not suicidal but I do not find much in this world that is any good without my man at my side. Look at what has become of things, nothing but trouble in the news.


I am grateful to have come upon these posts as they have been helpful to me too I lost a son 11months and my youngest son nine months ago. I often wander where they are and it hurts. They were agnostic and did not talk about religion or christianity. Thanks to u all

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I would be happy to discuss this further with you privately by email if you would like to. I am one of Jehovahs Witnesses, a Christian & believe that God’s word the Bible can bring much comfort & help us answer these sorts of big questions. If you would like to talk more about what the Bible says about these things, please let me know.
If you’d rather not, I completely understand and wish you well in your search for answers. I have found the answers to my questions very satisfying & they are certainly helping me with my grief.
Take care.

My wife and I had been married over 40 years when she died of a long illness in 2020. I was very close to her as I increasingly became her carer over her latter years. We were both church attenders but remained agnostics until she died.

After she died I explored the topic of Near Death Eperiences (NDEs) trying to find hope that something more of her lives on. I wanted - still do - NDEs to be real. What I learned was very comforting. I now have faith that when I die, I will be with her again.

NDEs are experiences people often have when they face imminent death, for example their heart stops beating and they are medically ‘dead’. This often happens in hospital where later the patient is resuscitated and can then talk about their experience to a psychiatrist or neurologist, and it is these scientists who have collected these stories and who now find similar themes in the majority of the stories.

To me these stories strongly suggest that there is something very real that greets us after death and that ultimately death need not be feared.

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Thank you Jonathon for your post it has been of great help and comfort to me. I am very sorry for your great loss and stand with you in our grief. I lost two sons within 10 weeks in the Autumn of 2021 and the questions you raised have also been in my thoughts.Bless you and eveyone else that have contributed to this thread. Xxxx