Heavenly birthday

It’s would have been my husband’s 82 birthday today if he hadn’t passed away nearly 4 months ago the first in 33 years together without him . I hope all of you on this journey we are on have as good a day as possible :sunglasses:


Bless you @kwears2001
A very happy birthday to your husband.

Hope you are spending the day the way that is best for YOU-
with people if you want, or on your own with your thoughts ,if that’s your choice.

I choose to go with the second option.

Love, hugs and strength to you

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I am spending it with one of our sons and his family eating fish and chips and a pint of beer as it was my husband’s favourite meal and I hope you have the best day possible yourself


Well that sounds a lovely thing to do.
Enjoy :beer::yellow_heart:

Thanks it’s what he would have wanted take care of yourself.:sunglasses:

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