Hello Again evreyone!

Hello everyone – I’ve been out of the loop for almost a month. Haven’t checked in due to the blizzard and snowy conditions I faced here where I live - I’m sure many of you endured the same. Almost had to abandon my car at least twice. Well, the conditions appear to be changing so I decided to hop back on line and let everyone know I’m still here. I was not able to sign on for some unknown reason so I am making a new message. I did get on but unable to send anything out. I read some heartbreaking messages and a few messages that reminded me of my lovely wife (whom I miss so much). I have been encountering a life that seems to keep changing – mostly family issues - one of the most is that I feel I cannot interact with family because I miss my wife, and would like to just talk about her and the things we did a couple. Of course the Christmas holidays are over, now other holidays and birthdays are coming up. Sometimes I wish family would not invite me to every occasion, I e the effort, but each time I just don’t fit in. The conversations don’t seem to include us all updating each other or just asking how we are all doing. I guess my home life is nothing to brag about, mostly the same - so I really don’t have anything to update except that I go thru times where I miss my wife. I was told to get over and participate, and I do try but they can tell I’m not acting like myself. Sometimes I feel they are tuning me out and it seems to upset a t least 2 of them. Well, anyway, this is my update for now. Just wanted to tell someone this. I am trying - it never used to be like this. It’s such a change I am noticing. Thank you,

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Glad you didn’t freeze! Our place in our families changed (I feel it too). It’s not comfortable… our loss seems to breed loss… take care and welcome back Herb.