Hello again

Hello everyone
I just wanted to share a memory of my time with my mum. It starts with a concert I paid for my mum to go to. It was Neil diamond and a song called hello again he sung. If still makes me laugh to this day. My mum loved him she would sing this song to me and hold me in her arms then tell me a joke. Trust my mum to ruin a moment it was funny how she did it


Nice you thinking of your mum and telling others how you did.
I used to think of my mum and still do even though she died 27 years ago. Now I know how she felt when she was my age a d widowed. She told me I would understand when I was in the same boat and I do and feel closer to her all these years later and do what she did. She was trying as best she could and using her initiative. Both my parents were characters. I was really upset when they died and still think of everything and I felt orphaned now I feel I am next and when I read what you said I guess my son might remember me too and understand when he is my age the same. Even recall my nan all these years later and how loved her and she was amazing to me. Her lovely kindness and how she carried on.

Hi when u think of this song I think of my mum dancing she was a professional dance quite famous. I remember a time she held my baby brother in her arms as I looked on and she did a slow dance to this song. God the memories all flloodijg back.
I had an amazing childhood it was hard living in New York with my brother and my sister while my mum built her dance career from nothing. I hardly saw my mum from one day to the next but when we did we had the time of our life’s. I could go on but I won’t lol

Yes can go on. But it helps to share those things. I am struggling how to mark my husbands memory as he died 18th Nov last year.

It’s a really difficult time the first anniversary, Christmas, birthday etc. It’s so hard to tell someone what to do, follow your heart I guess, thinking of you and how difficult this is

Thursday November 24th 2016 is the day I lost my mum it’ll be forever etched in my mind. It’ll soon be 7 years and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of my mum. I detest Thursday November 24th 2016 and I always will.

Well today I just went in our garden as it was a nice day and picked a lot of it and made a wreath and went up the park and got more. I have decided to put one on a tree trunk near a seat he used to sit by the memorial plaque with his name on. I will just have to go there sit and recall when we last did that. I will walk round if it isn’t wet. Maybe go in the pub we used to go in and order what he liked. Today I went where we used to go. Have this idea I must move on but I feel it is hard losing security having him there.