Hello am I alone?

I tragically lost my son who was only 25 yrs old & my only child. It has been so hard as it’s been all over the local & national news, on social media & in the papers etc. It happened during a horse racing meeting 3 weeks ago. It feels like the world knows. The tributes being paid to him ago over the country in racing have been amazing & the support received fabulous but I still feel alone.


Hello so sorry to read of your loss
Everyone on here will offer their support when you need it

So sorry for your loss. You must be devastated. Be kind to yourself x

I understand and feel your pain my son aged 34 died in a,van fire in burton.upon trent that too was all over the media newspapers etc the trauma that ive had to go though with this with losing my son has been horrific. Tbis was last August and i cry every single day and in such terrible pain inside. CID was involved tbinking it was murder or a suicide but it was accidental death from carbon monoxide poisoning i feel every inch of your pain as a mother and you are not alone. I felt like that until i joined this site and the only people who understand is the people that are going through this horrible journey of incredible darkness and pain sue xxxx

Such a tragic loss , I’m so sorry for the hurt and pain you are going through . I lost my son 22 weeks ago , that too was very sudden , he was stabbed to death by a complete stranger whilst on his first holiday alone . The shock is tremendous and I would love to say it will get easier but it doesn’t , you just learn to live with the awful reality . I still get panic attacks and wonder if it’s all a bad dream and I’ll wake up . But sadly I know it won’t . I’ve still got a court case to deal with in a country which speaks little English . His murderer is another British man who gave himself up and pleaded guilty at the initial hearing so at least he is behind bars . Sending you hugs as I know how unbearably hard those first weeks are xx

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Losing a child is losing a part of us. It never goes away, but it does get a little easier.