Hello everyone

Hello Everyone.
I lost my husband Ken very suddenly on August 26th this year, a month and a day after his cancer diagnosis. We had been together 53 years.
It all seems very unreal to my son and daughter and myself.
My children have been so amazing, but they need to grieve also, and I have told them about this wonderful website.
I am trying to be strong and carry on, but will be glad when this year has gone.
Luckily I will be with my children and family at Christmas, but it will be hard for us all, a very muted time.
Thank you for this chance to say hello, and I wish you all lots of love.`

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Hello @George4, thank you for reaching out. I am sorry for the loss of your husband Ken. I really hope you find the community to be a support to you, and your children.

I’m just letting you know that I edited the title of your thread, which had your real name in it. This is just to protect your privacy.

Take good care :blue_heart:

Thank you x

Dear @George4, hello and may I say that I am sorry that you have lost your husband to cancer. It is such a cruel illness and you will be feeling so lost without him.
I too lost my husband to cancer 4 months ago but sadly I don’t have any family support though I have some very good friends.
It is very early days for both of us and like you I am counting the days until this year is over and I am dreading a lonely Christmas.
I hope you find some comforting words from this forum as you navigate your way through your loss.
Sending you some love
Jen x

Thank you Jen.
I hope today has been an OK day for you.

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