Hello, Hello…. Turn Your Radio On 📻

I lost my twin brother in a car accident last year, an accident that also claimed the life of one of our best friends, I somehow managed to walk away.

I don’t feel lucky or relieved. I wish I had died too that day. We could have left this world together, just like how we arrived.

My life without you is like purgatory….
I walk around our flat, constantly surrounded in a smog of anger, heartbreak and loneliness.
How could you leave me?
You are still a part of me, I still feel you here.
If we had gotten in the opposite sides of the car that night?…. I would be gone, and you would be here.

I think about joining you every day. My walking thought, my resting prayer, soaked in rivers of endless tears.
I don’t cry anymore, I can’t…. The last time I didn’t stop for hours, my whole body ached so bad the next day, and there’s also mum & dad.

They hover and spy on me….
They’re so over-protective and smothering.
You would hate it.
Endless, hollow, stares & worried glances,
I miss you so much.

Every night when I close my eyes, I sing our song….
:musical_note: Hello-Hello, turn your radio on :musical_note:

Goodnight Brother,

Your Shakespeare Sister :heart: Xx


Hello graceless lady, I am so sorry you lost your twin brother in such circumstances to, how awful for you. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a twin but I feel some of the same feelings I lost my son suddenly , we all on here feel that despair and agony . Twins are so special, have a special bond, i can feel by your words how very close you were . I expect you knew what each other was thinking without saying anything. Growing up together so close . It’s been a year for you ? I hope you have had some sort of counselling and have supportive friends you can talk to . I don’t know what to say, life can be so unfair, what do you think he would say to you? Such trauma for you to deal with , hang on in there and keep posting and read lots of other posts. I am sure you will find help here.
Hugs jss xx

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