Having recently lost my Husband, I’m finding it very hard coping with life without him. It would be nice to speak with someone going through the same situation as myself.

Hi valerielaurie so sorry for your loss I lost my husband six months ago it was only six weeks of being diagnosed with cancer when he died, it is still so hard and I cant see it getting any easier but take a day at a time and it might help you, it’s the loneliness I find the hardest his empty chair ,life is not a happy place at the moment , sending you a hug take care linda

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Hi you have come to the right place you can post as much or as little as you want here we are all going through the same thing all be it at different stages I lost my partner in July and each day can be hard but some are better than others the best bit of advice I was given was be kind to your self and don’t try and rush things take care x

Hello Valerielaurie,
You’re in the club that none of us want to belong to but it’s a brilliant group of people who totally understand what you are going through.I lost my husband 8 weeks ago and I’m completely alone apart from my wonderful friends here.Whatever you are going through you can post it here and someone will be listening.Take care and be gentle with yourself,love,Jill x

Valerielaurie, This is the place for you then as we are all in the same boat unfortunately. I am 7 weeks down the line so still early days. Getting out of bed is an achievement but I do it because what other choice do I have. You will have days where you can cope and others when you will cry non stop. You wonder how you can go on without your precious man but strangely you find the strength from somewhere. I never thought of myself as a strong person but it is surprising what you can get through when confronted by the worst thing ever to happen to you.
Chin up
V xx

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Hi Valerielaurie

I’m so sorry that you’ve joined our “club”. I lost my husband just over 2 years ago to that b’stard - cancer. We too only had about 6 weeks from diagnosis to the end.

This is a very supportive group where you can say anything and know that, however insane it sounds, someone here will have thought or done the same things. We’ve all been where you are so we do understand.



Hi Linda
I’m sorry for your loss. It is so very hard. I know what you mean about the empty chair etc. I still look at the chair and talk to him. It’s nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing. I have friends and family but unless someone has been through it, they dont really know how it feels. xx

Hi. Thank you. I’m just taking small steps each new day. Sometimes I go forward another day it’s back again. It is nice being in touch with others who have gone through the same thing xx

I’m sorry for your loss and 6 weeks was very quick. It must have been awful. My Husband died 17 months after his diagnosis. I know things will get easier with time. Its comforting talking to others who have been through the same thing xx

Hi. You are roughly at the same stage as me. My Husband died just over 8 weeks ago and it is still very raw. You are right, it is so very lonely. We all just have to push forward and soldier on. Take care of yourself Jill xx

Hi,ValerieLaurie.We have to get through the best we can.We haven’t chosen this life but there’s no choice.We can do this.I know it’s early days for both of us.Whether it gets worse as time goes on,we don’t know but I’m keeping as strong as I can.I miss the companionship mostly and I’m not for joining clubs,that’s not me.I was the shy one!Take care,Jill x