Hi, I am new, just wandering how to cope with this greif as im struggling very much…lost my hubby 5 months ago and all my family as well. The feeling of loneliness and sick feeling is awful. Not wanting to go on, we have 4 furbabies thats my life but be honest I wish I could go and join them and take my dogs with me. G.

@shihtzu hi I am so very sorry for your loss I lost my partner pauline in April its so hard without them I’m so lonely without her it was just us and our furbabies I can relate to you not wanting to go on I feel that way myself but I carry on for our babies and for pauline I know how painfull this heartbreak is and how devastating I have felt and still feel lost and empty without her but please keep on going our loved ones would want us to and reach out on here whenever you want to you are not alone there are many of us here going through this horrendous journey you will find support here I’m often around if you ever want to chat everyone here understands how we are feeling my thoughts are with you please take care of yourself this site has been a lifeline for me stay safe take care sending you hugs x

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Thank you im trying but everyday is hard to be honest. Its worse when you’ve no family and a circle of friends. Gx

@shihtzu hi yeah it is very hard and i know what you mean. Its been almost 17 months for me and ispend everyday alone with my pets. I have brothers and a sister and nieces and nephews but i hardly hear from them. We didnt really socialise it was just us two and our babies. The only friends i have are ones from this site. Do keep posting there is support here and it does help to talk. Take care x

Thank you im not sure it’s private on here. Gx

@shihtzu hi you can private message people as that is private. The support on here is amazing and from people that understand what we ate going through. Take care love and hugs x