Just want to say hello to all in this club


How lovely of you Anne for saying hello. Yes we are still here, I hope you are keeping safe and looking after yourself. S xxx

Thank you I am doing best I can I have so many issues my partner helped me with and now he’s not here unimaginable loss feels like a hole inside me and other days it’s like he’s coming home

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Yes, we all know how it feels and sometimes you think you are getting better and then it’s three steps back. When we loss someone special we have no idea how it feels and then we wish we didn’t have to know. Bless you. S xx

Lovely words from someone whom knows iv spent 18 years grieving for our child that’s another forced club into not one we’d choose I honestly thought the pain would kill me that’s when I developed all sorts of issues but then my partner learnt how to make me laugh again we developed a special unique relationship humour only we knew I thought he’d always be here when I’d cry he’d make me laugh when I fell he’d pick me back up help me to carry on and he’d listen to me like no other then April he suddenly became poorly to get the worst diagnosis and 3 months ago I was with him here in our home till he took his last breath but some how it seems to get worse and like you then you may have an hour a day you think iv got this then bang it’s like a hammer hits you back to the intense I can’t do this pain sorry for going on