First post here - found this place via a Facebook advert.

I lost my 27 year old son very suddenly 2 and a half years ago. I had some bereavement counselling afterwards which helped greatly but I often find myself wishing I had contact with people who had gone through the same, as I feel like we are quite a unique tribe.

This does seem like a very friendly and helpful place!

Good morning Indigo,

I’m so glad you found us and think you’ll find there are many people who have experienced the kind of devastating loss as you willing to talk.

Should you need it again, there is a counselling service here too.
www.sueryder.org/onlinesupport or • https://www.sueryder.org/online-bereavement-counselling

I’m sure the responses you receive will be of great value and help you feel less alone.
We are always here for you.

best wishes


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Hello Indigo,
It was my husband who died suddenly and I have found threads relating to loosing a partner on here. I think if you post with a different thread ‘loosing a child’ or search that title you will find others with same experience to talk to. I have read some but can’t remember which thread .

Take care

Dear Indigo,
If you click the three bars at the top right of this page it will take you to the latest messages and categories. There is a heading - The loss of a child and there you will find several threads which may resonate with you.
Thinking of you today.