I lost my husband on 2nd august funeral was last week and it all feels so unreal . Can’t sleep can’t concentrate anyone any advise on how to get through the early stages of grief ?

Well done for posting
I’m so sorry to hear of your loss
You will find much support on this site
Everyone has gone / is going through the horrors you describe.
Eating chocolate is good for us in moderation so don’t be too hard on yourself
Grief is a pain like no other and seems to attract little support from even those nearest you

A long, lonely plod but you have made the first step towards better days by posting. Just knowing you are NOT alone is comforting.
In the black, bleak times read some posts. It really helps to know how others feel
You don’t have to pretend you are OK on here
Sending virtual hugs and hoping tomorrow has some better moments
It does get easier but no miracles so keep going a step at a time.
You are very welcome and are now part of an amazing network of love and support and genuine help


I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband @Susie9. It can be a very lonely time especially after a funeral, so can only really advise please be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to feel how you feel, and accept any help that may be offered. Hoping that you have supportive folk around you and a few nice things to do, maybe with others, to help you through this time. Hope too that your sleep settles down soon, don’t hesitate to see your doctor if it doesn’t though as sleep deprivation can significantly affect your concentration.
Take good care - big hugs xx


Thankyou for your kind words . It seems like everyone I know is avoiding contact with me . Is this normal ? People I thought I knew well and thought I could count on seem distant . So support is pretty low

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Thankyou stardust for your kind words z evenings and mornings are the worst when you know others are with husbands and families but you only have yourself . Friends are in contact by phone but I don’t really see anyone x

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