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Hi all
I don’t know what do to my mum passed away in September 2022
in Her Wil she had said that the house should go 4 ways
1 share to me
1share to my brother
1share to my eldest daughter
1 share to my youngest daughter
But because my brother lived there before she passed away and looked after the place while our my was taken to a hospice to pass he has now decided he willnt move out and NOT pay rent and now he is asking to rent the space that’s mine and my daughter’s place up stairs out I told him he has till he is 50 years old to sell the property which is in 2 years time he said he keeps the place maintained and clean why should he pay
If my mum was alive he would have to pay rent I am torn because the money would help all us three girls
Can anyone give me advice what to do
I don’t have any fight left in me but I do think it’s unfair

Hello @Sacha49, I’m really sorry to hear about your mum.

It might be good to get some legal advice on your situation. You can find your local Law Centre by visiting this link: Get Help

Take care,

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Ow thank you