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My husband died in April this year , I am ok most of the time , but there are times when all I do is eat chocolate and drink alcohol, He would hate me to be like this , I tell him it his fault for leaving me, but I need help , I cannot go on in this way , but I do not know how to stop, every day I make a good resolution but I miss him so much and I am dreading the winter evenings,


Dear @notbelieving I am so sorry that you have lost your husband and are finding it difficult to cope. I lost my husband in June this year and I like many others on this forum know only too well how much the pain affects your ability to get through each day. I can only say that it helps to read others posts and know that each of us copes in different ways. I’ve just signed up to the sue ryder grief coach and finding it very comforting. Hopefully other lovely people on here will offer you support as you navigate your way through this grieving process
Love Jen xx


Hello not believing, My wife’s funeral was today, I know how you feel, however I have two daughters that need me, you need to remember the people that rely on you, first post so don’t know if I will get response


I’m the same as you, two daughters who need me so I know I HAVE to look after myself.


Stay strong KarenF and do look after yourself and your daughter’s.

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You too. :heart:

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Not eating chocolate but I am drinking alcohol, how long does this take, so excuse any emotional outbursts but I am still numb

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Not sure how long it takes, I am ok during the day, going out with friends ,but the evenings are terrible, I have just eaten stale chocolate left over from Christmas 2000, drinking too much and having a go at my husband for leaving me like this saying, it is all his fault but of course it is not

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I feel so sorry for you not believing but the same as me you don’t want to hear that. Friends make all the difference and stop eating out of date chocolate :thinking:your husband also wouldn’t want to know you are drinking to much(although I am drinking myself tonight) my daughter’s are everything to me now, it is no one’s fault stay strong.x

Hi I’ve been with family today and come home to an empty, dark and cold house. I just feel so lost and alone. I miss my lovely husband so much.x



Feel your pain and helplessness.

But you can’t punish yourself by doing what your doing you will hurt his soul he still needs you in soul world to be strong and happy.

You can do this you got it. Get help from professionals I did I went GP got counselling and medication.

Don’t worry about the winter evenings enroll on a course either at college or online do voluntary work find something to focus on and get out the house.

I found solace and healing in religion I studied it to see where he has gone where he is now etc.

You have already acknowledged that your eating chocolates and drinking that’s the 1st step

Always here if you need anything

SRK. Did you read the bible to study. Which passages do you recommend


No I read the Quran it’s a mercy and healing truly u don’t need be muslim 2 read it but throughout it God talks about the hereafter he says it’s a promise and he never fails in his promise etc and there’s verses describe the transition ie the realm they cross into it’s like a waiting room kind of thing until u get 2 paradise so they living in another world similar 2 this world with other souls that have already crossed from generations in family to friends etc honestly really helps me find peace

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This life is not the only life there is another life a permanent one we all have souls that get free from the body which is like a shell.

I can send u a copy if u like feel free to ask me any questions

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