Help please

Hello everyone

I don’t know how to start.
My son was born on the 31st of July and sadly past away two days later he very can home.

I am really struggling with the grief of this I have been feeling so angry and numb the NHS are not helping me at all

Please help

Hi Peteber, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your baby, I can only imagine how you must be feeling, I do hope you have support from family and friends, have the NHS offered you any form of counselling? Sue Ryder do have a counselling service or there is Cruse which you could try, I do hope you will find this site both helpful and supportive, sending love Jude xxx

Hello @Peteaber,

Thank you for bravely starting this thread and sharing about your Son. I am so sorry to read about what happened - how you are feeling is completely understandable.

I’m sorry to hear you are not feeling supported - just in case you aren’t aware, there are a number of charities who offer support for parents in situations like yours. I’d encourage you to reach out to them to talk to someone about your situation and how you are feeling:

Child Bereavement UK and The Compassionate Friends support families with the loss of a child.
Sands is there for anyone affected by the death of a baby - they help ensure people are receiving care and support for as long as they need it.

Thank you again for reaching out for support - please know you are not alone.

Take care,

Dear Peteaber

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your son. The shock alone is so much to bear. I hope you have family and friends around you and that you are kind to yourself. Take each hour at a time.

I lost my son when he was 30, nearly two years ago now. I carry him in my heart until we are reunited.

I’m sending you much love and a hug.


My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your beautiful son, Peteber

Anger is all part of the shock, disbelief, grief and pain that we go through after a sudden loss. We need to hold something/someone accountable for our tragic loss. We need to know why this has happened and not know makes our grieving worse.
(I hope that makes sense)

I lost my son very suddenly in May. The emotions you will go through will feel like they are driving you crazy at times, I think this normal for any parent losing a child or anyone grieving a painful berevement. Its a massive shock that takes months or even years to come to terms with. I wish I could offer advice but I really can’t, other than to say take each moment at a time, be gentle with yourself and just deal with each wave of emotion as it comes.
Much love and comforting hugs are sent your way.