I lost my lovely husband Bill suddenly at our sheltered housing halloween party on Friday 28th October at 9-15 pm where there was entertainment going on & Buffet Three Ambulance paramedics could not bring him back it’s a nightmare we did everything together we were married over 57 yrs & met when we were 15 yrs old so that’s 62 yrs together we had a little dance to one of my favourite songs & then Bill was having a dance with one of the ladies & joking on he was very popular everyone who new him loved him Bill loved walking & always trying to beat his pedometer score we have an amazing son & daughter & all are really trying to be strong for each other but I am finding it so very hard I keep crying & it’s just so uncontrollable I feel so lost !!!


Oh Ann,

I am so terribly sorry, it is such a long time to be together and then lose your soulmate. You were like me and my late husband, growing up together leaving our mum and dad’s home to live in our own home when we married. It was always we two just like it was for you and your Bill.

We will never get over what has happened, when our soulmate died, in a way, so did we, but, we are left behind and need to carry on so all I can say is one day at a time.


Ahh thank you so much for your kind reply and your thoughts mean such a lot to me

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You are so welcome.

Gorgeous wedding photo, I have attached our wedding photo. Yours looks about the same era as ours, 1967. Or a wee bit earlier, because my husband had a similar haircut to your husbands before he had it cut just before our wedding.

The other photo was taken just before we married, we are standing outside my mum and dad’s home where I lived until we married, there is the old coal house and the sweeping brush behind us.

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Ahh you have to forgive my late reply I am not very quick but get there eventually I’m having a problem I keep losing my screen it’s on my fone I’ve just given my laptop away as was never using it so these spaces may be a bit disorganised

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Also I don’t know your name I can only see name Lonely unless I’ve missed a section of your post first time !!!`> Blockquot

I love your photo you both look so happy
Ahh yes Bill was a Teddy boy look we were married 3April 965its amazing how all the years fly by

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So sorry that must be awful to read it looks a mess & it takes me ages to find how to send I will have to ask my daughter to explain to me

Dear Ann,

I cannot use my smart phone apart from making calls, texts and WhatsApp messages, I prefer to use a laptop computer as I don’t even like the swipe screen tablets.

I thought your Billy had the DA haircut. When I met my Peter in 1964 he also had a DA haircut and wore a drape jacket but before we married he had his hair styled in the new style flatty which I wasn’t too keen about at the time.

Yes time goes by too quickly, we were together 50 years and when Peter died, it was exactly 50 years to the day we had met.

Take care.



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Hello Sheila
It’s been lovely to chat to you & your 50yrs is a lifetime together too it’s all so unfair Dear knows how we will get through this it’s all the up& down feelings /days & all the Brilliant memories for us but so hard to bare
Ann x

Dear Ann,

It has been lovely to talk to you too, if you ever want to chat, just private message me.


Ahh thank you Sheila thats nice & I will I’m
Waiting for my sister to pick me up just a little
Time out to the small supermarket
It’s not good weather here quite a lot of snow hope it goes soon Take care & we be in touch soon Edited to remove email address
Ann x

Sorry I missed your post @Ann111
How awful to lose your lovely husband in that way, although better for him to have been enjoying his life to the last.

I wish I could have had so long with my darling husband although I’m sure it still wasn’t enough time for you or @Lonely Sheila. Our vicar wisely said to my statement that our time together wasn’t enough, ‘it never would have been.’

I was married to my Richard for almost 29 years when he died suddenly aged 60. He had been my first boyfriend aged 17, though we didn’t marry until we were 31 after some years apart. We had kept in touch and I was amazed to find that he had kept all my old letters as I had kept his.

I hope you find some peace and that your memories will give you joy, despite the pain.

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Hello Karen
Thank you for your kind reply & I also feel sad for you too it’s such a shock when it’s so sudden you just feel absolutely lost especially when you also were together from such a young age

It’s really good to have lots of nice friends & lovely family around but everything is soooo strange isn’t it
Take care Karen
Ann x

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