Help please

It’s late and I’m alone. My partner has just died.

I truly hope someone is with you now Sarah. I’m so sorry to hear what’s happened to you. Lean on any support offered and check into the forum again if you feel you want to. There will always be someone here who understands. Sending you compassionate thoughts.

My dear Sarah, I am so, so sorry for the way you are feeling. I know exactly what it’s like and I can assure you there are many more on this forum who have been to the depths just as you have. So keep posting, join in and you will find that you will gain strength from the support. If I feel low and struggling I log on and sure enough it brings me out of that bottomless pit. I was alone with Brian when he died at home. I had nursed him for some time single handed. He was in great pain and all I felt was relief that it had stopped. He looked so peaceful and we had time together before they took him away from me. It’s unreal and takes time to get your head around it. The pain, loneliness and fear is terrible and I can’t say it goes with time as I haven’t noticed anything as yet myself You can be certain we understand so keep in touch and say anything you want. Love Pat xxxxx

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Thinking of you,nothing to say,but I know how horrendous this is,keep in touch,it doesn’t take the pain away but it is a big comfort to share things with people who feel the same xx

Sarah. How are you doing. Concerned about you as we haven’t heard anything for a few days. Please keep in touch we can help to keep you going. Love and my thoughts are with you.
Pat xxxx

Hi Sarah,
My beautiful Janet died 16 months ago. Your post is some 4 days ago. I hope you are ok. Don’t be alone. Keep posting. Post here. Post to all of us. I know that at the moment you will see no point - in any of it. Or going on. Try and think what you would want for your partner if they were still here, and you the one which had gone. Your love will never die. Let their love live on in you. There is plenty of help too, here on this site.
Take care…

Hi Sarah, like others we are thinking of and hope things a making just a little sense. It’s hard but you get use to having it by your side and somehow it becomes a bit like a ‘wool blanket’ giving you comfort. Do post and let us all know you are ok.
Blessings S

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