Help that i'm not being silly

Hi. Sorry, I’m new to sharing feelings. My partner passed away in March last year. Does anyone else have to deal with friends telling you it’s time to get over it and start sorting out his stuff. I’m not ready yet but no-one seems to understand that


Oh fizz i can so relate to what your saying. All my so called friends have said the same to me. They haven’t lost their soulmate so how can they understand what it feels like. Do what feels right for you, you will know when the time comes to sort his stuff out, i had no choice with jims stuff because i had to move house and i couldnt take everything with me so what i did was i sold most of his stuff and put money towards his headstone. Dont let anyone bully you into doing anything if they’re true friends they will support you and respect your decision. Sending hugs :people_hugging: xx


I’m so sorry you had to move. One friend thinks it’s weird i still have his coat on the door. It will always be there and she is no longer a friend. Thankyou so much for validating my feelings xx


Another thing i had done was a teddy bear made out of jims shirts it still smells of him.


Oh wow. That is amazing. The smell of them is so important. xxx


I still have all my Wife’s clothes after 3 years I cannot bring myself to remove them. She hung them in her wardrobe and that is where they stay. If and when I decide to let them go I would love to have them go abroad if possible. Keeping her clothes gives me great comfort. You will “Get over it “ when you are ready and not before. To be honest most of my friends have dropped away………take care :heart:


I have one for my wife….Beautiful

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