Help to cope

Hello ,i am new .Lost my husband to cancer 18 months ago.

Hi Im sorry for your loss , do you have family that you talk to about how you feel ?

Yes.They just seem to get on with their lives.I am still grief stricken. He had always been so fit.Had cancer of oesophagus.I am glad he is at peace but we were together for over 40 years.There is a big hole in my life.I seem to be stuck in a dark place.I am ok for a few weeks.When the grief really strikes i do not even want to get up.Thank you for your kind thoughts.Kepster.

That is a large part of your life , 40 years . So understandable you feel like this, I honestly feel being on here helps . If you just read what others are going through you feel less alone in this . I got great help from here , maybe write a letter it may help release some feelings .